About Thunderdash...

What is ThunderDash?

The Original ThunderDash obstacle course race OCR is a 5K mud run with obstacles that include but are not limited to mud, climbing, mud, crawling, mud, jumping, etc. Located on a beautiful piece of land outside of Comfort Texas with natural mud pits, 30 foot deep rock quarries to climb in and out of and much much more. The obstacles are man-made, nature-made, and of course a combination of both. Many of the obstacles will encourage team efforts for easier completion so call your buddies and sign up today.

Not the muddy type?…..

5K Fitness Trail Run! – No Mud or Obstacles

The 5K Fitness Trail Run has you completing a 5K trail run with “Fitness Stations” located along the route spaced about 1/2 mile apart. No Mud or Obstacles but still the great challenge that THUNDERDASH is known for. Expect a 5K course on well-worn and groomed jeep trails through coastal and bermuda hay fields with stations where you will have to complete basic “Boot camp” style calisthenics. We’ll probably warm you up with some jumping jacks or maybe some squats but you can count on the evil BURPEE  (Check out How to do a Burpee) somewhere along the course. You won’t set a 5K PR but you will finish with a great sense of accomplishment and massive bragging rights.


10K Combo Fitness/Mud Run!

Complete the 5K Fitness Challenge and immediately continue your run onto the original THUNDERDASH course for a total 10K Ultimate Challenge!  Your timing chip will give you a split time between the trail run and the mud run.


General Info

Early registration will guarantee your pick of start times; preferred wave times fill up fast!

Participants take off in waves of up to 150 every 20 minutes throughout the day. Waves are open to ages 14 and up except for the 8:40 wave which is for ages 18 and up.

You can race as an individual, in a team. Teams of 5 or more will be included in the team competition for bragging rights. The types of teams can be anything from military, first responders, scholastic, corporate, fitness groups or just a wonderful crazy group of friends.

This race is what you make it, whether you are just happy to complete it or want to achieve your personal best, this is a race for you!

Call it what you want….mud run, obstacle course race (OCR), trail run, it all equals lots and lots of fun!


Where is Thunderdash?


It’s just outside Comfort, TX (about 30 minutes NW of San Antonio) off of Rural Road 473. We don’t want anyone scoping the course or the obstacles out so we will give you more information as we get closer to the run.


243 RM (Ranch to Market Rd) 473
Comfort, TX 78013
* Bring $10 cash per car for parking *

From:   San Antonio  |  Austin


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